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The Crucial Role of Regular Training in Export Compliance: Understanding ITAR and EAR Requirements

Export Compliance Training Plays a Crucial Role for Your Company In the world of international trade and business, compliance...

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Protecting National Security While Maximizing Growth Opportunities

Insights on Export and ITAR Compliance by Sarah Massie Sarah Massie to Speak on Export and ITAR Compliance at...

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Export compliance International trade regulations Prioritizing export compliance Export control laws Export compliance program

Avoid Enforcement Nightmares

Ensure export compliance and avoid enforcement nightmares by prioritizing export control laws. Learn about the significance of export compliance,...

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Espionage Spy ITAR regulations National security Compliance

From Espionage to Compliance

Discover the significance of ITAR regulations in safeguarding national security. Explore the story of a recent espionage spy downfall,...

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Federal Registrar Notice Proposed Information Collection Government regulations Public participation Transparency in government

Federal Registrar Notice

Discover the importance of the Federal Registrar Notice - Proposed Information Collection in government operations. Learn how public participation...

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New ITAR Compliance Program Guidelines 2023

Work with S Massie Consulting to implement these 8 key elements for your ITAR Compliance Program as recently released...

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S Massie Consulting I-90 Aerospace Corridor Aerospace Expo 2022 ITAR compliance

S Massie Consulting Sponsors the I-90 Aerospace Corridor Conference & Expo 2022

iscover the significance of the I-90 Aerospace Corridor Conference & Expo and the sponsorship provided by S Massie Consulting....

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G Zero CNC Machining STEP Grant Canadian market expansion ITAR compliance program Export compliance

G Zero CNC Machining Awarded STEP Grant for Canadian Expansion and ITAR Compliance Program

G Zero CNC Machining is awarded the STEP Grant for Canadian expansion and the establishment of an ITAR compliance...

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