S Massie Consulting LLC


Protecting National Security While Maximizing Growth Opportunities

Insights on Export and ITAR Compliance by Sarah Massie Sarah Massie to Speak on Export and ITAR Compliance at...

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Espionage Spy ITAR regulations National security Compliance

From Espionage to Compliance

Discover the significance of ITAR regulations in safeguarding national security. Explore the story of a recent espionage spy downfall,...

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S Massie Consulting I-90 Aerospace Corridor Aerospace Expo 2022 ITAR compliance

S Massie Consulting Sponsors the I-90 Aerospace Corridor Conference & Expo 2022

iscover the significance of the I-90 Aerospace Corridor Conference & Expo and the sponsorship provided by S Massie Consulting....

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G Zero CNC Machining STEP Grant Canadian market expansion ITAR compliance program Export compliance

G Zero CNC Machining Awarded STEP Grant for Canadian Expansion and ITAR Compliance Program

G Zero CNC Machining is awarded the STEP Grant for Canadian expansion and the establishment of an ITAR compliance...

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